Our People


Jon Denaro

Founding Director | Sculptor

Jon is a senior sculpture specialist with a wide range of expertise. He has also been engaged on a wide range of indigenous projects. His experience in mentorship and in teaching support the capacity for project values in cross fertilization and in collaborative potentials.


Luke Davey

Founding Director | Architect

Luke is an architect with extensive experience on large public projects,complex architecture and masterplanning.
Luke provides high level briefing for projects, ensuring that client aspirations are embedded within all phases of the project.


Bec Juniper

Creative Director | Artist

Bec is a prolific award winning painter exhibiting nationally. Her studio interest is primarily on West Australian vernacular. She has an extensive knowledge of the Arts, networks and cultural positioning which supports long term Arts direction, and increases scope for our company via connectivity. Her research performs a key role in any collaborative processes of artist selection and supports the engagement of projects.


Linton Partington

Managing Director

Linton provides capacity to manage artist and client relationships. He provides expertise in contractual and resolution development. Linton also brings to the project a 20 year experience in curation of exhibitions and links to a national network of artists. He supports projects with a management overview.